Many of you know that I have a mother that is very ill. Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragements. I am blessed to have a family that is so supportive of her care and well being.

Some of you also know I have a dear one in my life that has had severe head trauma injury in the past and now I am dealing  with the long term effects of this. My reality. We all have some sort of element in our lives that proofs challenging on a daily basis.

Going thru all this with Mother has taught me even more about setting boundaries  although they are both so close. Boundaries are very important and making lists help me to keep these boundaries so my life doesn’t get washed away in a flood of  ”their” drama.  I’ve gotten really good at making them and sticking to them to the point if it doesn’t get written down, it won’t happen. :)

So today on my list try ricotta cheese inspired by dear farmer friend at Sheepy Hollow Herbs, Jenny.

 plant left over potted basil,

and a few seeds to garden.

pray for more lovely rain.

weed and lay black plastic in front of shop. (the front is taking shape),

pick yarrow to hang dry.


move duck hutch again (easing it closer to the white barn)

take pictures for my blog!!!

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