The amount of humming birds  that are coming to the feeder is shocking. They hoover, dart and chirp, fighting over the nectar. There seems to be two different  species. The male ruby throat and a one that has quieter colors along with the females. They have become accustom to our talking and boldly perch as we enjoy our time on the front porch.

Sofie, my cat tried to catch one and hasn’t bothered them since!  She learned to respect their space that day, lol.

Its time to water my cut flowers. no rain in sight. The corn is rolling in the middle of some fields. Not a good sign. I’ve seen it where the corn rolls near the edge of a field but when it gets to the center that is extremely dry. Of course the weeds are happily growing. The asparagus is up already. It will be a nice patch in two to three years.

Another  small piece of ground was worked up by my nephew so I can get some perennials in and the lavender planted.  The rabbits have tried digging up the potatoes and ate some seeds. But for the most part thus far haven’t bothered the cut flowers. I plan to put netting up very soon.

My Grandpa B. would hook up a car battery to run a low electric fence and a radio to keep them out of his garden, up in Beaverton, MI.  It worked quite well.

Painted on the cupboards some more last night. I’ve been without a full functioning kitchen since May 8th. amazing what you can do without. As I’m going thru piles and boxes I am reaching in taking what I love and or need. saying good by to the rest. Reading every magazine possible on how to organize a small space along with gleaning ideas for decorating once the house is ready for that stage. I decided to paint everything Dover White and Country Way Beige with plans of  splashes of color  in hand made pillows, linens, and art work.

The bustle of  help to get me in and things livable is over. Now its up to me to detail it all out.  I’ll keep you abreast of my adventures in the detailing.

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