softball with my niece, two games today waiting for the news, Almont Raiders Youth girls softball did great! worked a bit more on tearing down the 100 foot greenhouse, I’ll use to plant spring delicates in and rebuild the sun pit greenhouse.  Tore out the front steps, they’ve been breaking down. As I settle in here I’ve come to a point of realizing you can’t rush nature. God’s timing. I have much to rebuild. with the help of many hands I have painted and fixed, planted a good deal and more to come. It takes time to re-establish a life and plants.  Of the seven truck loads of perennials  we dug from the farm before the move, there’s still much to get in the ground. A few have given up the ghost in the drought but with the recent rain some of those have decide its worth living.  In my spare time I’m stalking flower farm blogs and taking online photo labs.



I have a huge patch of rosemary planted and  believe I need to teach a workshop on this amazing herb with lots of recipes and a topiary you can take home.

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