and realize I’m becoming a vegan. Well sort of.

Spider webbing thoughts to follow….The moving of display stuff about is like a hobby of mine. Note to self; need to let go of. Its too much work and its time for me to produce my art and focus on the florals. I find I’m tired. Worn out need substance. The “My Man” cookie (I know dumb name) I ate earlier just wasn’t getting it anymore, so into the kitchen I trudge, open the fridge,  push things about finding leftovers of rice and beans made  for last night’s dinner. The garlic, cumin and onion have had an evening to rest in the veggies spreading the flavor throughout. But something warm and green sounds good. GREEN SMOOTHIE soup the best! (Thanks Jill for a life changing recipe) pull out my blender, its nice glass vintage machine  (a gift  from my friend  Mike, Thanks Mike! I love it) that does a great job for blending up vegetables for such a purpose as this. I throw in romaine lettuce, frozen Kale, three celery stalks, two cloves of garlic, 1/4 of an onion, three small carrots, fresh thyme and a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Blended it up, poured it into the pot to warm just a tad, not wanting to kill all the good stuff with the heat. Beans & Rice along with a bowl of Green Smoothie soup.  A few corn chips its all  good! I still eat a good  steak now and then but rarely. It has surprised me as to how much I have gotten away from eating meat, poultry… but then a good BLT is always on my list of favorites. Eating this way has helped me to loose 50 pounds in two and half years. I’m sure stress aided in this too, But I feel great, tons of energy. Drive and passion for my life and business are strong. Well I’m off now its 5:00 pm time for my glass of wine and finish up moving those displays.

Here’s the recipe for My Man Cookies to hold you over between green smoothies…

4 sticks of butter

2c. white sugar

2 c. brown sugar

4 eggs

2 Tbsp. vanilla

4 c. flour

2 Tbsp. baking soda

2 Tbsp baking powder

2 tea. salt

4 c. quick cook oatmeal

2 c. coconut

2 c. pecans  chopped (walnuts work well too)

Cream butter with sugars, then add eggs and vanilla, Cream till fluffy, Combine flour, soda, baking powder and salt; blend into sugar mixture. Add oatmeal and mix, then blend in coconut and nuts, Drop by teaspoon on greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees, do not over bake.

Sorry no pictures of finished product, all gone :)


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