farm pas? cottage industry food bill..? buy local ? herbs? flowers?

Just the makings of the  coolest lil ladies get-away in the thumb.  tea  blends from my herbs, shortbread made with dairy fresh butter, scones from farm fresh eggs,  herb bread baked Saturday morn, the sun flowers are blooming and the chocolate mint is filling the air with its scent. Yarrow is blooming, zinnias soon will be. Lavender is reaching high. Sun pit greenhouse growing new plants… butterflies and bird to watch while sitting inthe  garden, ducks walking about looking for a snail or two to munch on…

potted herbs: rosemary, lemon balm, lemon thyme

Thursday – Saturdays 10-4  ( farm pass gives extended hours)

 call for special flower orders …810-310-0711

 off to plant a few things with this nice rain we were blessed with the seeds should pop in no time

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